Exploring Media Literacy - Powered by TikTok 

Wednesday 8th December 2021: 1pm - 3pm 

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SWGfL joined forces with TikTok along with Ofcom and DCMS for a free online event on Wednesday 8th December 2021 1:00 - 3:00pm. Exclusively for professionals working with children, this session was there to support and help better understand media literacy.

Media Literacy refers to 'the ability to use, understand and create media and communications in a variety of contexts' (Ofcom). With more time than ever being spent online, improving media literacy among professionals working with children is a key priority of the Government’s Online Media Literacy Strategy, launched earlier this year.     


Guest Speakers 

Exploring Media Literacy brought together some of the leading professionals in the field of online safety. We heard from SWGfL, TikTok and others around the latest tools and insights to support you in your media literacy understanding. 

Topics for Discussion

This exclusive event explored what media literacy means in 2021. SWGfL and TikTok  shared the latest insights, as well as useful tools and resources for professionals working with children and young people as well as the latest data around media literacy. The discussion covered:


SWGfL Resources

Throughout the session we talked about ProjectEVOLVE, the Professionals Online Safety Helpline and our other resources to help support professionals working with children and young people.  

Updated TikTok Checklist 


Professionals Online Safety Helpline 

Advice For Reporting Accounts

TikTok Resources

TikTok have worked with Praesidio Safeguarding to produce a report about education responses to harmful online challenges. You can download the report and read about it more in the latest article from TikTok here:

Download Report

Read Article 


Report a Problem on TikTok


Ofcom have released a new document 'Ofcom's Approach to Online Media Literacy'. Take a look below and see what has been put forward in the approach to promoting online media literacy as well as the announcement blog.

Approach to Online Media Literacy

Getting off mute


The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport released the online media literacy strategy earlier this year to 'coordinate media literacy education and empower users to make safe choices online.' Read the policy below and check out the recommended resources put forward to support. 

Online Media Literacy Strategy 

Online Media Literacy Resources