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Please support the ongoing work of SWGfL by making a donation. Your contribution will help us to ensure that everyone can benefit from technology free from harm.

Any donation towards SWGfL will contribute towards the ongoing protection of individuals online. It will support our services, helplines and ongoing work in making the internet a safer place for all.

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What Can Your Donation Do For Online Safety?

Donate £10

  • Supports one victim of intimate image abuse
  • Supports one victim of harmful online content
  • Supports one victim with a professional online safety concern
  • Creates one piece of essential online safety guidance

Donate £50

  • Provides one counselling session for a helpline practitioner
  • Provides one school with essential printed resources and materials
  • Protects students online through assisted monitoring for one week

Donate £100

  • Provides one helpline practitioner with appropriate equipment
  • Allows us to host one online training session for professionals
  • Provides one school with a fun and engaging online workshop
  • Gives one school the tools to be compliant with their online safety policy and practice