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Where would you like the training to be held?

As an example a full day could start at 1pm and consist of 2x pupils sessions followed by a twilight staff session then a parents evening. A full day cost is £700 + travel expenses + VAT – up to 6 hours

Half a day cost is £475 + travel expenses + VAT – up to 3 hours

Parents evening cost is £300 + travel expenses + VAT

we can create bespoke training and tailor to your needs. A quote can be given on request. Please give details in the comments box of what you require.

£100 per training session for your organisation. Please specify the number of hours you would like to book in the 'Suggested Start/End Times & Further notes' section below.

    Pupil sessions are workshops and we recommend the group sizes to be no larger than 60 pupils

    We cannot guarantee an available consultant on any particular date so we recommend you supply us with as many possible dates as you can.

    Please let us know the specific year groups you would like us to speak to (if applicable) suggested start times for the sessions and any further information you may feel is useful.

    Please tick here if you would prefer to pay by credit card and member of the team can contact you