About SWGfL

We are a charity dedicated to empowering the safe and secure use of technology through innovative services, tools, content and policy, nationally and globally

SWGfL are a not for profit charity ensuring everyone can benefit from technology free from harm. Forming 1/3 of the UK Safer Internet Centre, our experts advise schools, public bodies and industry on appropriate actions to take in regards to safeguarding and advancing positive online safety policies.

SWGfL has been at the forefront of online safety for the past two decades, delivering engaging presentations and training to a wide variety of audiences nationally and internationally. Our work has brought online safety to the forefront of public attention, ensuring everyone can develop their understanding of what online safety truly means in an ever changing world.

Helplines & Services

We host support services and helplines that offer free advice, support and guidance to victims of online harm. These include: 

SWGfL also works in the Barefoot Computing Project which supports primary school teachers in delivering computer based curriculum through workshops and free resources.

Our Schools Internet Service has also provided schools with secure broadband connections and ongoing support for many years. As we are not-for-profit, we have been able to offer these at the best possible prices!

Products & Resources

Our online safety review tool 360Safe has been actively used by over 14,000 schools throughout the UK. Our award winning child friendly search engine Swiggle has also amassed over 1,000,000 users whilst being a favourite for classrooms and home computers.

Part of our ongoing work involves delivering accessible information that is relevant and keeps up-to-date on the latest trends. Our Social Media Checklists offer guidance on how to actively manage the world’s most popular apps whilst highlighting safety features and parental controls. These include Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Netflix.

Our digital education toolkit Project Evolve provides organisations with free resources, activities and teaching plans for a wealth of  topics related to young people's online development. Covering a wide range of age groups and objectives, Project Evolve develops curriculum whilst giving you the freedom to explore, however you see fit.

SWGfL are always here to offer advice and guidance when it comes to online safety. To learn more, please contact us

Management Team

David Wright, Director UK Safer Internet Centre

David is the CEO of SWGfL and one of the directors for the UK Safer Internet Centre. David has worked extensively in the area of online safety for many years not only with children, schools and wider communities but also with partner agencies such as the Police, CEOP and Childnet.

David has presented at online safety conferences both home and abroad and currently chairs the National Education Network Safeguarding Group in the UK as well as a member of the CEOP Education Advisory panel and the National Council for the NetSmartz Workshop in the US.

David has been appointed to the UK Council for Child Internet Safety and actively participates with the Council’s education and public awareness working.

Ken Corish, Online Safety Manager

Ken is the Senior Manager responsible for Compliance and the UK Safer Internet Centre. Ken chairs the successful multi-disciplinary regional E-Safety Development Group. As part of the UK Safer Internet Centre, he works with a broad range of national and international organisations that include Childnet, CEOP, InSafe, NCMEC, FOSI and Internet Watch Foundation and has spoken at global conferences in the Middle East, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Spain, Estonia, Europe and the US.

Ken has wide education experience, drawing on twenty years as a teacher and school leader and ten years as an Education Adviser for ICT in Plymouth, UK. These roles not only include the monitoring of standards of ICT in schools, but also building and maintaining the city’s education broadband infrastructure and strategy.

His subsequent work around e-safety education, intervention and school improvement has developed from a pragmatic understanding of school need. This work includes education programmes for students and staff that range from cyberbullying to protecting professional identity; creation of school improvement strategies and production of innovative e-safety support materials.

Ken’s broad canvas of experience and engaging presentation style has seen him work with a wide range of educators and agencies including schools, universities, social care, teacher’s unions, police, local authorities and government organisations.

His work with South West Grid for Learning and Plymouth University has commissioned a number of influential pieces of research that include sexting, professional abuse and UK school development in mapping online safety provision. He is one of the creators of the multi award-winning 360 degree safe online safety self-review tool and the Online Compass tool for children’s settings. He is a published author and musician.