Hosting one of our parents' sessions at your school?

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Here is all you need to make that session a success

As you may be aware SWGfL have been presenting engaging, lively and thought provoking online safety sessions to parents for well over six years. Schools have acknowledged that parents are crucial in keeping children safe on the internet and holding parents meetings in schools is one way of engaging parents in that effort.

Within our parents sessions we like to explore the myriad of issues surrounding a child’s use of the internet and help to demystify the risks and technologies by providing parents with real and practical advice including how to manage that risk, take positive action and create a dialogue with your child.

"The sessions are highly interactive and we welcome
the opportunity to answer questions and discuss any issues.

Alan Earl, SWGfL Harm Reduction Officer & Police Constable
for Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s Internet Child Abuse Team

We know schools find it difficult to get parents to come along to these sessions so we have put together some tools to help you get more parents through the doors! Over the years we have gathered some useful hints and tips to help you promote your parents evening and ensure it is well attended.  Here are some suggestions you might like to try:

We have put together a template you can use especially for your event. All you need to do is download it here and add your details.

> Download Letter  (Microsoft Word Doc)

We have created a poster which can also be sent out to your parents or alternatively be used as a flyer.

> Download Poster  (Microsoft Word Doc)
Include information about the session in your school newsletter to let parents know it is taking place.
Use SMS to get your message out as this can be very effective with parents.

Do you have a parents evening or event in the pipeline which you could combine with an E-Safety session?

This can help to boost numbers, but please bear in mind that our sessions cannot be condensed so a full 60 to 90 minutes are still needed.

> Take a look

We have had experience of schools gaining success from holding a raffle on the evening. Do you know of a local business that could sponsor the event and in turn offer an enticing prize?

The exciting and unique element to our parent sessions is that they can be tailored completely by using a short pupil survey which will give the consultant details specific to your school and children. The results can be very interesting and enlightening. Most significantly, these provide us with an insight into the online habits and behaviour of the children in your school and the results, anonymised, are presented to the parents are specific to their children, and not generic results.

The preference is a whole school questionnaire but the minimum we ask is at least a class size (30+). The more children that take part in the anonymous survey, the more the presenter will be equipped to help you understand how your children are using the internet and identify any possible areas of concern or positive behaviours.

We ask that the survey be completed at least one week prior to the session (should only take 5 minutes) in order to allow assimilation of the data. The survey can be accessed at the below link. Information gained from the survey will not be used to identify any school without permission and any research will be strictly anonymised.

Our consultants will also distribute flyers with useful links to parents at the end of the session and any other resources that may be useful.

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