Policy Templates

The SWGfL Template E-Safety Policies have been adopted by local authorities, schools and academies across the UK, and are acknowledged as good practice documents.

The latest versions have been updated following review and support by a Local Authority Audit Team. The templates provide guidance, an indication of what should be included and a flexible approach allowing each school or organisation to challenge, consider and debate. The result will be your very own E-Safety Policy that whilst built on foundation blocks, includes content that makes it unique and relevant for your school or organisation.

The SWGfL Template Policies consist of an overall E-Safety Policy and a series of appendices with more detailed template policies and forms. They can also be found embedded in the links and resources section of the 360 degree safe e-safety self-review tool.
Policy Templates

MS Word and PDF versions are available for download:

Download the Template Policies  (without appendices)  PDF version, updated October 2013

Download the Template Policies  (without appendices)  MS Word version, updated October 2013

Download the Template Policies  (with appendices)  PDF version, updated November 2013

Download the Template Policies  (with appendices)  MS Word version, updated November 2013

The section below includes a range of more detailed template policies and forms that make up the appendices to the overall E-Safety Policy (Updated November 2013):

•  Student / Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement Template  (Younger)

•  Student / Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement Template  (Older)

•  Social Media Template Policy  (2016)

•  Mobile Technologies Template Policy  (2016)
•  Staff / Volunteer Acceptable Use Agreement Template 

•  Parent / Carer Acceptable Use Policy Agreement Template 

•  Community Users Acceptable Use Agreement Template

•  School Personal Data Handling Policy Template
•  School Technical Security Policy Template
•  School Electronic Devices - Search and Deletion Template Policy 

•  Responding to Incidents of Misuse Flowchart and Records of Reviewing Sites

•  School E-Safety Group Terms of Reference

•  School Reporting Log Template

•  School Training Needs Audit Template

•  Legislation

•  Links to Other Organisations and Resources

•  Glossary
If you have any problems with downloading the links, there are a few steps to try:
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  2. Try another browser
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