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Martain Coath

Martin Coath

Scratch CPD Trainer

About Martin...

Martin started coding at school (in 1976!) and has maintained an active interest in computing as a hobby, as well as a profession and an area of research, ever since. In particular he has been arguing for Computing Science to be alongside, and equal to, IT skills in the school curriculum at all levels; a view that has emerged during the last 20 years of working in HE, FE, adult education and doing numerous STEM ambassador and other types of visits to primary and secondary schools.

Martin has a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence and a doctorate in Computational Neuroscience. He is an award winning STEM ambassador, adviser on educational projects and a freelance facilitator and speaker. He was co-developer of the famous "Computing for the Terrified" day schools for Kellogg College Oxford which ran for more than a decade, has twice won "I'm a Scientist - Get Me Out of Here!" and has developed a wide range of arts/science crossover projects.

"I have seen Martin do many presentations on a range of technical subjects. He is erudite, accessible, enthusiastic, and has an nice sense of his audience. Quite the best face-to-face teacher I have encountered." Robert Lockhart - Director of Studies in Computing and Mathematics, Kellog College, Oxford University.

"Martin is an insightful researcher, great team member and efficient coach. He has a unique skill of explaining the most difficult ideas while speaking publicly. He has a talent of engaging an audience in seamless way. His skills to collaborate, and genuine interest in science on every level, are indispensable and rare. Martin is the best science presenter I know and an excellent researcher." Alicja Knast - CEO Core Exhibition, Museum of the History of Polish Jews.