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What's included in the SWGfL Schools Internet Services?

The SWGfL Schools Internet Services has been evolving over almost 15 years, and is the best way for schools to get performance, safety and security, and support…all in a value for money wrap from a trusted, expert place. All South West Grid for Learning connectivity solutions include the Core Service.

What is the Core Service?

Quite a lot! The Core Service provides you with:

  • A circuit, including the bandwidth and internet connection, from a range of options
  • The SWGfL core network, including IP and other network services
  • Safety services, including our unique approach to blocking illegal content and reporting to the police, plus entry-level web filtering, as well as:
    • Expert support in an emergency/crisis
    • A free annual online safety briefing in your local area
    • Access to the award-winning 360 degree safe self-review tool
    • Up-to-the-minute advice and e-safety resources including policy templates
    • A range of additional specialist training and consultancy
  • Security services, including managed firewalls, intrusion detection, ISO27001 certification and enterprise-class e-mail security, all managed by experts to take the worry away from schools
  • Our dedicated Service Desk and 24x7 network monitoring and ESI
  • Change management, meeting changing needs without any additional charges
  • Our truly best-value approach, combining our charitable status, scale economies and procurement expertise

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What are the Optional Services?

Optional Services are just that: products and services that you can choose to use based on the needs of your school, including web filtering, e-mail and website hosting. They’re organised and invoiced separately (following feedback from schools we separated Core and Optional services in 2011), giving you more choice.

Optional Services run from September to August and are invoiced annually in advance by RM IHG directly. We will contact you to remind you to make your Optional Service choices for September during the summer term, and you have until the end of the term to make your selection. Log in to your ESI online portal and select “Catalogue” to view the options available, or to view and amend your current services select “My Establishment” and then “Changing Services”.

You can also find out more about the Optional Services range at

Do SWGfL provide phone lines?

For some solutions, a phone line is required, and we work closely with you to help distinguish whether or not a new phone line is needed. In the event that it is, we can manage the installation of this (additional charges of around £100 for the install and around £130 for the annual line rental, excluding any calls).

Are ‘changes’ included in the cost of the Core Service?

Yes, the majority of ‘technical change’ (e.g. firewall, IP, DNS changes) are included in the Core Service, and SWGfL has never raised any additional charges to schools for this type of activity. What’s more, schools can expect ‘standard’ changes to be completed within 24 hours: a responsive and flexible service, maintaining rigour around security without adding delay.

Where can I find terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions can be found at We usually provide a ‘personalised’ copy of these when your new service is active.

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