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What do I do if I suspect or discover unacceptable activity?

Follow the agreed course of action in your Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

If there is no specific reference to help you in your AUP, you may find support in your Anti-bullying Policy or PSHE Policy. 

What steps can the Headteacher take to ensure that pupils and staff are safe?

Ensure that:

  • The headteacher and all staff and governors are familiar with the risks and precautions.
  • All pupils are made aware of the dangers of electronic communications, of the precautions that they can take and of how they can report unsafe activity.
  • An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for staff and pupils is in place. This policy will describe risks, precautions and procedures and must be signed by all staff, parents and guardians. It should also be drawn to the attention of all governors.
  • The school has a code of good practice, written in a way which pupils can understand, that is displayed prominently and, when pupils are of an age to appreciate the significance, signed by them.
  • A secure route for reporting any bullying or unacceptable behaviour is established and understood by the whole school community.

What is the difference between unacceptable and illegal use of the internet?

Illegal usage includes:

  • Making, producing or distributing indecent images of children.
  • Grooming.
  • Making, producing or distributing adult material that breaches the Obscene Publications Act in the UK.
  • Accessing, downloading or forwarding criminally racist material.
  • Any activity using technology to cause serious harassment, anxiety, alarm or distress which may be contrary to the Harassment or Malicious Communications Acts.

Unacceptable use includes:

  • Making, producing or distributing any materials that are in conflict with the ethos of the school. This will include materials that, while not illegal, contain gratuitous sexual or violent content, incite hatred or which encourage the use of illegal drugs.
  • Staff using the school infrastructure for personal reasons during contact time.

Can the headteacher delegate responsibility for e-safety in their school?

No, the headteacher is always responsible. The authority to manage e-safety and day to day monitoring can be delegated to members of staff who are sufficiently knowledgeable, trained and competent.

It also protects staff if there's more than one person who takes part in the monitoring of activity on the school network.

Can SWGfL provide a different connectivity solution?

Yes, we have a very wide range of telecoms suppliers and a very wide range of solutions, a few of which are summarised below. We only provide clear, honest advice and guidance, so drop the team a line at and we’ll do our very best to help you.

  • ADSL, enhanced through a high performance backbone that other providers don’t have, to ensure the best user experience.
  • Bonded ADSL, where a single ADSL line
  • FttC (Superfast Broadband), which builds on the infrastructure investment being made in the region and provides good levels of bandwidth in some areas, though not all in the short term.
  • Satellite: the biggest benefit is that the location of the school ceases to be an issue.

What if my preferred connectivity solution isn’t available yet?

Can you switch to a better performing ADSL option, or FttC solution, if it becomes available within the life of your SWGfL contract?

Yes, you can, if you’ve got for an ADSL solution through us we are designing them to be easily switched to better ADSL or FttC as and when it’s there.

We really hope that FttC will be available more widely soon too, and in fact we proactively check the availability regularly and will get in touch to let you know if it arrives.

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