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Our partners are technical support providers who have:

  • A proven track record in school based ICT support.
  • A good understanding of our services.
  • Demonstrated to us that customer satisfaction level is rated highly for the ICT support services provided to schools throughout the south west region.

Partners support schools to get the very best from theirSchools Internet Service, their broad knowledge of our services, ensures you get the very most from your Schools Internet Service.

Our service range continues to develop; your South West Grid Technical Partner will support you to gain early access to school trials, pilots and early adopters phases.

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Their services are delivered through a telephone based Service Desk, website, hosted data centre, remote connectivity, centre based training and a range of consultancy and services delivered in school. It is a comprehensive advice, training and support service covering pupil, student, personnel, financial management systems, data transfer, curriculum, technical and communications infrastructure support.

For over 25 years Scomis has been providing services and supporting ICT in secondary schools of over 2,500 pupils to small rural primary schools with as few as 15 pupils. Scomis work closely with the schools and partners to offer the solution that best serves the schools individual needs.

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elearning and Information Management (eLIM)


eLearning and Information Management is a long established service providing support for educational IT. They act as independent advisers for schools providing advice, support and guidance to any subscribing school. They have a regional and national profile which includes work with SWGfL, NAACE and CAS as well as many other companies, agencies and Local Authorities.