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Why are these briefings important?

Online safety is one of those areas of safeguarding that never seems desperately important until things go wrong; only then do a host of authorities appear to point out the massive gaps that you missed. The recent Serious Case Review at a North Somerset First School where a member of staff had been systematically abusing children over a period of time clearly identified the glaring gaps in online safeguarding that in hindsight are so obvious but at the time, obviously didn’t register as a cause for concern

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It is for this reason (and others) that the new (Sept 2012) Ofsted inspection framework together with all new HMI briefing documents have a renewed focus on online safety.

UK Safer Internet Centre logoThe UK Safer Internet Centre and South West Grid for Learning Trust were fortunate enough to be asked to assist in helping to shape and advise on these new documents. These new descriptors of outstanding online safety practice as well as the corresponding characteristics of inadequate practice will be the main feature. Together with these descriptors, the briefings will signpost a range of new resources and tools that will help equip and support you and your school not only for when inspectors knock on the door, but for the ultimate benefit of your school, its staff and most importantly the children

The briefings will also cover updates with regards the latest technologies (including Facebook) as well as some vital hints and tips that we have established with regards the new Education Act and powers of search and deletion.

"All this talk of schools – I don’t work in a school, there is nothing in here for me". Whilst it is true that much of the content is aimed at schools, much of it is transferrable; indeed the resources and tools are aimed at the wider children’s workforce

These are short sharp briefing sessions that aim to provide the most amount of information in the shortest possible time at a local location to you...and did we mention they were free?