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We believe it is just as vital for every school and organisation working with children and young people to have an Online Safety Champion as it is to have a First Aider!

What is EPICT Online Safety Qualification?

Digital technologies are an integral part of young people’s lives and have a huge potential for learning so harnessing that potential safely is not only a desirable but also an inevitable necessity.

The EPICT Online Safety Qualification is aimed at everyone working with children and young people to recognise their knowledge of online safety through an internationally recognised qualification. This qualification is an accredited stand-alone module of the overall EPICT (European Pedagogical ICT) licence. Whether you are a teacher, a youth worker, a foster carer, volunteer or a governor, this qualification is designed to give formal and assessed recognition to the work that you do to safeguard children and young people online.

By taking the EPICT Online Safety Qualification you, your school or organisation can mark the start of a commitment to keeping children and young people safe online.

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