EPICT LogoWhy Apply For EPICT Qualification?

Here are the three reasons why you should consider having the qualification:

As an individual:

  • A recognised online safety qualification which can be applied directly at work
  • The qualification is individual and a great asset in your CV
  • Can be used towards further EPICT Awards that can accrue up to 60 Masters Credit points.

As a school or organisation working with children and young people:

  • The qualification will demonstrate your clear commitment to online safety and create a focal point for online safety, an E-Safety Champion
  • It will motivate your staff and enhance their CPD
  • It is delivered by an EPICT accredited centre in the South West

Assessment is through the submission of an assignment, following around 20 hours of personal research and consideration, all of which can be online at a time to suit or alternatively with the support of a formal training session. The 20 hours is a notional duration as study is flexible and will be dependent upon the pre-existing knowledge of the participant; participants have 6 months from registration to complete the assignment.

Individuals and organisations can apply – we offer a range of ways to take the qualification – from online applications through to training on-site for a group of staff members.

Applications can be registered on the Apply for Qualification page.