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For schools the European Pedagogical ICT Licence is a comprehensive, flexible and efficient in-service training course introducing a European quality standard for the continued professional development of teachers and other professionals in the use of ICT in the school.

The South West Grid for Learning Online Safety Qualification is a stand-alone module of the overall EPICT qualification, which is recognised nationally and internationally. If you or your organisation works with children or young people in a professional or voluntary way, this qualification is designed to give recognition to the work that you do to safeguard them online.

The SWGfL EPICT qualification encourages the participant to consider ways in which to support children and young people in balancing benefits and risk in their online world, ultimately leading to a safe and productive experience for the children and young people involved. The qualification is intended to focus awareness of all within the organisation of the importance of ensuring that children and young people are well protected when online and encouraged to make appropriate decisions about their online experiences

The SWGfL EPICT Online Safety Awareness Certificate can be used towards further EPICT Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels. (The EPICT awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold focus on ICT as a learning tool within education. Full Award holders can accrue up to 60 Masters Credit points with partner universities.)

Why SWGfL?

The South West Grid for Learning has a wealth of expertise in safeguarding children and young people from online risk, which can have a significant impact on the online lives of the children and young people in your care.

SWGfL is an EPICT accredited training provider in the South West and as such can deliver this qualification and can provide expert advice and support, including on-site and online training, resources and an introduction to a network of other professionals and volunteers who work collaboratively in the online safety field. EPICT candidates working with children and young people are subject to CRB checks and vetting and barring regulations and it is assumed that candidates and organisations have put these in place.

As part of the UK Safer Internet Centre, the Grid plays a major part in raising awareness of online safety both regionally, nationally and internationally. We also have partners in every stakeholder area of online safety – from NGOs, through to Government agencies and industry representatives which puts us in a unique position, close to all the online safety issues and developments.

The full EPICT Licence can be found through the EPICT website:  www.epict.org

Further Links:  www.360safe.org.uk