Online Safety Training

Over the last few years, schools have increasingly been on the front line of being online, with school staff and leadership teams expected to deal with a whole host of complex issues related to online safety.

Research from our 360 degree safe self review tool and OFSTED highlights that staff training and development is one of the weakest aspects of school e-safety, both in its quality and frequency.

SWGfL Online Safety Training goes beyond simple awareness-raising, with sharply focused training that grows expertise within your team. Explore the different levels of courses below:

E-Safety Training Level 1 Arrow E-Safety Training Level 2 Arrow E-Safety Training Level 3
Awareness   Knowledge / Skills   Certification

Develop your team’s expertise to operate confidently in today’s online world with the internationally renowned SWGfL Online Safety Trainers.

Bespoke courses designed for you…

If you are running a whole staff training event at your school or organisation, these courses can be combined and delivered on-site by our knowledgeable trainers in a way that suits you.

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