Online Safety for Social Workers

The first targeted training and toolkit for professionals who complete family assessments. This course is of particular relevance to social workers.

Social Care ToolkitThe primary task for professionals completing assessments is to gain an understanding of the world of the child and the impact of that world on their health and development. Having identified the impact, they must then move on to develop an implementation plan that will reduce the likelihood of harm. Today, the world of the child is digital.

It is essential that those professionals charged with safeguarding children develop an understanding of the impact of the technology on the life of the child, parenting capacity and environmental and family function.

The purpose of this Training programme & Toolkit is to enable practitioners to better assess the needs of children and improve their support of the child. The training seeks to explain the digital world inhabited by children, parents and carers and to provide professionals with the information they need to assess impact on children and families within this digital context. It provides practitioners with the practical tools to use during the assessment process; the questions to ask and observations to make in order to collate evidence to make informed decisions about appropriate interventions

The new toolkit is relevant for any professional involved in carrying out family assessments, It can now be purchased from here. The purpose of this Toolkit is to enable practitioners to better assess the needs of children and improve their support of the child.

» The training will:

  • Provide practitioners with the appropriate up-to-date knowledge of digital technologies...
  • Help with identifying the impact of the digital world on children, young people and families...
  • Introduce the schedule of assessment, the accompanying materials and resources...
  • Consider how a plan of intervention may include references to digital technology...
  • Examine relevant resources and links to other appropriate organisations...
  • Provide practitioners with the toolkit to use in the field...

The full-day training package, including the Toolkit itself has been developed by the UK Safer Internet Centre and was piloted across the UK thanks to funding from the European Commission. It was developed in partnership with South Gloucestershire LSCB and Social Work teams, and has been designed to be flexible and adaptable to existing assessment processes. The training delivery team consists of two very experienced professionals, one from social work and one from teaching.

This course includes a day’s training and a copy of the toolkit for each delegate

Relevant for:  Social workers, youth workers, education welfare officers, police officers working closely with schools, safeguarding professionals and so on.

Option 1 Training delivery - Minimum 10 delegates £200 per delegate
Option 2 Training delivery - Minimum 20 delegates, maximum 30 £150 per delegate

This course has been developed as a result of feedback from the pilot project for those senior professionals who may want to roll out this training to their whole teams. This will provide delegates with a day’s training and an additional one day follow-up support day for discussion and update of issues.

Potential trainers must have attended the full day training as described above. Validated trainers will then have permission to use the materials to deliver the training within their own areas.

Costs for Train the Trainer sessions are as follows:

  • Course for 5 - 10 people will be a total of £1,200 for the whole group (plus travel and accomm)
  • Course for 10+ will be £120/person (plus travel and accomm)

For any enquiries please email

“I found the training invaluable and thank you very much for sharing your expertise in e safety and also in assessment.” Social Worker who attended a training course.